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New Health eDeals At Work Private Exchange for Employer Groups Offers Customizable Landing Page, Ease-of-Use and Technical Capabilities

Posted Dec 08, 2014 by Author

Setting the standard for supporting employers transitioning from a traditional group health plan to individual ACA plans, Health eDeals, a leading online private health exchange, will create a private-label landing page for each employer that is utilizing Health eDeals at Work.

By creating a custom-branded landing page, Health eDeals at Work allows employees, who may be selecting health benefits on their own for the first time, to make an easy transition to individual and family ACA plans. It also enables small business owners, at no cost to them, to continue supporting their employees’ choice of health insurance, while giving them plan options and flexibility to personalize their benefits.

The new exchange, which launched in time for the 2015 Open Enrollment period, provides a user-friendly experience in which employees can shop for and enroll in ACA-qualified major medical plans from national carriers. Ancillary products such as dental insurance and Metal Gap, a guarantee-issue plan designed to fill the gaps created by high deductibles and co-pays under the Obamacare plans, are also available to easily add to your shopping cart.

“This year alone, small-group plans will see rate increases that can be as high as 20-percent,” said Dan Borrero, National Business Development Leader for IPA Family. “Health eDeals at Work concept is the best option for small business owners, who just want to do right by their employees but are being strangled by mandates and limited choices. Many owners tell me they have to limit what they can provide their employees or increase cost of goods or services. How long can small businesses sustain this kind of increase each year and stay competitive?”

In the past, a business owner would handpick a group health plan that he or she determined would be best for his or her employees based on price, deductibles, co-pays and breadth of coverage of the network. The owner would be reluctant to send employees to the public exchange with a myriad of choices (some of which have very limited networks) and little guidance as to how to choose the plan that would be best for them. 

Borrero added, “For agents, Health eDeals at Work provides the opportunity to sit down with decision makers and begin comparing plans, plus showing potential savings they expect on a website that is customized with their company info. Business owners fall in love with it immediately!” “And for the owners, it’s a phenomenal option that can help them save money, which helps to reduce their cost of business that can increase revenue, helping them stay competitive and retain talented employees. At the end of the day, though, the employees are better served by a plan that makes sense for them.” 

To schedule a demonstration of Health eDeals at Work or to contract with IHC as an insurance producer contact Dave Keller at 952-746-6614.