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Affordable Care Act Resource Center

Affordable Care Act Resource Center

Posted Jan 10, 2013 by Author

Stay up to speed on the Affordable Care Act and the resulting changes to health care in America. In addition to checking this site, we recommend the following resources for up-to-date, reliable information.


Learn more about the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts the baby boomer generation. In addition to up-to-date, informative articles about the law and its developments, the AARP provides fact sheets outlining Affordable Care Act basics, its provisions, what it means for specific populations, how it impactes Medicare, and what small business owners and emloyees need to know about it. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and over improve the quality of their lives.

Commonwealth Fund

The Commonwealth Fund is a private foundation that supports independent research on health care issues. Its health reform page breaks health reform down by topic: system reform, expanding access, and quality improvement. Read the latest reports for each or browse the Washington Health Policy Week in review, which includes selected stories from CQ HealthBeat. Listen to the featured health reform podcast or watch related webcasts and video footage.


This consumer-focused site from the U.S. Department of Health and Human services provides health care–related information and resources.

Health Insurance Resource Center

This informational page from healthinsurance.org outlines how the sweeping health reform law passed in 2010 takes huge steps toward removing obstacles to affordable, quality health coverage for Americans, with a raft of consumer protections, expanded coverage, and cost-saving provisions.

Kaiser Family Foundation

The Kaiser Family Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, private foundation that focuses on major health care issues in the United States. Its health reform site approaches reform in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand manner. Find details on the health reform law, research briefs and analysis, and basic explanations of key terms and issues—or read up on the history of health reform and scan the latest Kaiser Health News headlines.

New York Times

Read the latest Affordable Care Act news stories on the Times Topics page dedicated to health care reform.